Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's Roid Week! (Tuesday)

Untitled by Hilary (curioush)
Untitled, a photo by Hilary (curioush) on Flickr.
Roid Week is a celebration of instant film, on Flickr. See all about it (and other people's photos) here.

This photo was taken on S. Jefferson Ave. in south St. Louis.

I used a Holga camera with a Polaroid back (affectionately known as a Holgaroid), with Polaroid Type 89 pack film (which is no longer made and past its expiration date by a few years, so I keep my last few remaining packs in the fridge for special occasions, like Roid Week!)


  1. Hi Hilary - here's an idea for "Roid Week" that might interest/inspire you and it would maybe draw some much needed attention to one of STL's most amazing architectural structures. Sadly, it is in disrepair and always makes this City's "Most Endangered List" - so sad. I can think of about 100+ COMMUNITY uses for it if only funds for same were available. Carr School on Carr Street. Check it out - it's an amazing structure with GREAT ROOF LINES, incidentally :-)

  2. I do want to get out and take some photos of Carr School! (and a whole bunch of other St. Louis Public Schools — so many gorgeous ones!)

    I have been not-so-great at getting out to take photos in recent years. Sometimes I get a whim and take a few hours to get out, but not often enough for my liking.

    How's your photo project going? ;)