Monday, October 3, 2011

First autumn CSA share

If you've been following my blog (and really, who hasn't?  Hi, Mom!), you know that I've been super excited about the CSA share I've been getting from Dutchtown's own Maude's Market

The autumn session has just started, and man, every time I think Maude can't top herself, she goes and does it!

This past weekend's share included bison meat, sweet potatoes, figs, Billy Goat chips (so yum), baby kale, pears, and lepina (amazing Bosnian flatbread.)

Everything=so good.  If you aren't near Maude's Market, and you haven't already looked into CSA shares in your area, I absolutely recommend you check it out

What's that you say?  You want a closer look at the goods?  They are so pretty that they love to pose, so here are some highlights of our little photo session.

Gorgeous figs from Ivan's figs

round pears from Akins Orchard and Farm

Bosnian lepina bread from Golden Grain Bakery, and baby red Russian kale from Yellow Dog Farm.  That crust on the lepina?  Unbelievable.  Go get you some, seriously. 

And one more look at those luscious figs, because they are just beautiful, aren't they?