Friday, September 9, 2011

Yay yay, CSA!

If you have talked to me at all this summer, you know that all I want to talk about is my CSA share.  I can’t believe I haven’t gotten around to photographing any of my CSA bounty until now.

What’s CSA?  That’s community supported agriculture!  The quick explanation is that it’s a subscription-type program through which I buy groceries each week from local farmers and other producers.  More on CSA in general here

I get my CSA share from the wonderful Maude’s Market in Dutchtown. Once a week Maude sends an e-mail detailing what will be in that week’s share.  It usually includes produce, meat (vegetarian shares available), a staple, and a treat.  A well-rounded meal plan if you ask me!  

I’m nuts about it.  I’ve cooked things I’ve never cooked with before, such as tatsoi and ground mutton; I’ve made dishes I never thought of before, like cantaloupe salad with basil and mint; and I’ve gotten to spend the summer with old favorites, like sweet corn, beautiful tomatoes, and fat, pretty eggplants. 

Some other highlights have included fantastic yogurt, focaccia, spices, jelly, and goat milk moisturizing cream(!)

The summer subscription for the CSA is ending soon, and it’s time to sign up for the fall period (roughly October-November.)  I asked Maude tonight and she said there’s a waiting list for fall, but there’s a chance a spot will open up, so I recommend sending her a note and seeing about getting in on the fun.  

Even if you don’t get in on the CSA, I urge you to go visit the market.  It’s a darling little space, with really interesting (all local) products.  Go!  See it!
Maude’s Market
4219 Virginia Avenue
(2 blocks east of Grand, just south of Meramec)
St. Louis, MO

 things I got in this week's share

 eggplants, arugula, smoked Gouda!

 that basil sure looks like it would like to get a little closer to those tomatoes.  don't be shy, basil!

sweet corn, leeks -- can't wait to eat you!