Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's Roid Week! (Thursday)

Untitled by Hilary (curioush)
Untitled, a photo by Hilary (curioush) on Flickr.
Roid Week is a celebration of instant film, on Flickr. See all about it (and other people's photos) here.

This is the last remaining location of Globe Drugs in St. Louis. Globe Drugs — for the uninitiated — is part pharmacy, part wine/spirits store, and (I would say) mostly variety store.

There are so so so many things there, at low low prices. What's in stock changes frequently. Expect the unexpected, for sure. Go check it out!

This photo is a Polaroid transfer. I took the photo with my regular digital camera, printed the photo, and then exposed the image to Polaroid Type 669 pack film (which is no longer made and past its expiration date by a few years, so I keep my last few remaining packs in the fridge for special occasions, like Roid Week!)

After the image is exposed to the pack film, the negative is separated from the positive, and the negative is printed onto something else (in this case, watercolor paper).

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