Sunday, March 7, 2010

back to life for black and white

I loved my old camera.  I took some of my favorite photos with it.  It did well with closeups, and its black and white setting was just so nice (neither are qualities shared with my current camera, even though it does other things very nicely.) 

It began having troubles a couple of years ago and only worked sporadically.  The viewfinder kept going out and that just wouldn't do.  So I replaced it with the new guy and have rarely had occasion to pick it up since then. 

Yesterday I was looking at the light as it came in the window and the way it was gently highlighting the plants above my bed and I wanted to capture it so I tried to fire up the old camera because it seemed like a shot that was perfect for it -- something that needed a little close-up detail, and that I was envisioning in black and white. 

At first the camera didn't work but I tried different batteries and jostling this and tugging on that and it finally kicked into gear and took the photo above.  I am happy to have it revived; it's like an old friend I've been missing.

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