Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Darkroom class: a whole brand new one

Okay, I believe I'm starting film developing class next week, for real this time. Yay!

Got to talk to the instructor on the phone last night and she said I could bring 120 film in addition to 35mm, which is great because I love to take photos with my medium format "toy" cameras (Holga and Diana) and I've not been delighted with any of the prints I've gotten so far from when I've sent that film out to be developed and so now I can try my hand and it and see if I can get something a little more like what I had in mind.

The above was shot with the Diana at Bellefontaine Cemetery in North St. Louis, at the grave of General William Clark (as in Lewis &...), double-exposed with Louis Sullivan's masterpiece Wainwright tomb.

(blog post title sort of swiped from Michael Bernard Loggins. Have you ever encountered his work? Get your butt over to the This American Life web site and listen to a reading of an excerpt from his Fears of Your Life. It is beautiful.)

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