Sunday, March 3, 2013

Urban Architecture II at Soulard Art Market

Untitled by Hilary (curioush)
Untitled, a photo by Hilary (curioush) on Flickr.
Several years ago I was at a museum in Kansas City and saw an amazing photograph, Isabella's Two Chairs.

I loooooooooooooved this photo. I'd never heard of the photographer, Michael Eastman.  I knew nothing about the photo or when it was taken — was it from 40 years ago? 60?

When I got back to St. Louis and my computer I looked up Michael Eastman and to my great surprise learned that not only is he contemporary and making amazing work right now, he's based in St. Louis, very near my parents' house.

His Vanishing America series is just fantastic, and his Cuba photos (which include Isabella's Two Chairs) are incredible.

When I learned recently that the nifty Soulard Art Market had a call for entries to its Urban Architecture II exhibit, and discovered that Michael Eastman would be judging the submissions, I had to enter something.

What a thrill it would be to have one of my photos accepted into a show that was judged by my photographic hero! And ... it is thrilling!  I'm very excited to have two photos — the one above, Hierarchy of Needs, and another — accepted into the Urban Architecture II.

The show will be up March 8-April 5, 2013, with an opening reception Friday, March 8, from 7:00-10:00 p.m. You should come!

Soulard Art Market
2028 S. 12th (at Russell)
St. Louis, MO 63104

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