Saturday, June 23, 2012

last week of spring

Untitled by Hilary (curioush)
Untitled, a photo by Hilary (curioush) on Flickr.
last week of the spring CSA share from Maude's Market in St. Louis.


  1. Hi Hilary! Wanted you to know I love your photography. I've been "lurking" and not commenting since last December - bad! Bad! Your work has actually inspired me to "look up & around" moreso than I ever did before. Oh, and I found out about you via Maude's Market. Cool or what? Please keep posting. Your pics are great! Maybe give a few words on "what you saw" when taking the pics sometimes? That would be awesome!

    1. Hi Deb — Thanks so much for your comment and for your kind words about my photos.

      I can be pretty verbose, so I worry sometimes that it might be too much, once I get started talking/writing. But I'll give it a shot.

      Thanks again — you made my day!

  2. Hi (again) Hilary: I am an attorney turned writer so there is no such thing as TOO VERBOSE in my opinion, LOL! You mention you use different cameras - here is something WEIRD that happened to me last week. I was walking back to my car from Soulard Market and I found a Kodak disc 6000 camera PROPPED UP against a fire hydrant on the ground. Inside (opening the case frame of the camera) was a post-it note that read: "Help Me, Please!" I could find NOBODY associated with this camera in the immediate area so it was seemingly abandoned??!! I read online these cameras were hugely popular but now you can't even get the film for them :-( Is that weird or what? What would you do if you happened upon such a thing? I'm a tad "unsettled" by it because of the note inside.....

    1. Ooh, how intriguing! I have a disc camera that I got in a box of other old cameras I bought at some point, but I've never used one.

      I've heard of people leaving cameras in public in order to see what photos people would take with them (one such project is described here; another here), but without film... Huh!

      Maybe the camera is asking for help because it's starving, since there is no more film for it (okay, yeah, still no idea!)

      What did you end up doing?

  3. I thought (sort of) the same thing: "Help me, Please!" either because the film is gone rendering the camera obsolete - but, on a larger scale, Kodak is now gone and this particular camera (I'm sure you know this if u own one) has "Made in America" proudly embossed on it. We don't do that anymore so "Help me, Please!" because America is no longer the place where things are made and we need to help of fix that? I dunno.

    In the meantime, I have started an "experimental" underground blog about it. Every day I post a column about someone or something "crying out for help, please" that largely goes ignored or overlooked in our society. So I start with me aiming the found disc camera at a problem or issue or societal ill and then drawing attention to it IN WORDS (via a blog post) much like the camera lens would if it could still take a picture. Today's topic is about how I am sick to death of seeing little kids and young kids shot in playgrounds or on their own porches or inside their own homes because there is so much gun violence and stray bullets flying around this City! And IF it is reported at all by local media it is "lost in the news cycle" within 24 hours. Think how many news stories local media did about "the pretty white girl" tragically killed by vehicle hit & run outside of Broadway Oyster Bar. Did you know 3 other fatal, vehicular hit & runs happened in that same 24 hour period here in the bi-state area? But those victims were aged and/or African-American so it wasn't deemed "newsworthy" and all 3 went unreported by local news. These are the things I am using that camera to draw attention to - not that anyone will likely care.

    I bet you're sorry you asked, right? LoL

  4. Not even a little tiny bit sorry!

    I love the way you're using the camera, and I'd love to see your blog, if you care to share the link.

    The issues you raise — the loss of the manufacturing economy in the US, gun violence, missing white woman syndrome — are all particularly troubling to me. I feel so hopeless/powerless about them sometimes.