Thursday, June 3, 2010

Globe Drugs photo show at Urban Eats

It's not really a big secret that I love Cherokee Street.  So much to see.  And do.  And eat.  And buy.

A mainstay on Cherokee Street -- since forever -- is Globe Drugs.  It's way more than a pharmacy.  It's what I would consider to be a classic variety store.  You need a needle and thread?  You will find it here. Have to pick up some wine on the way to a party?  It's here (and cheap!)  How about a board game for the kids?  A box of pudding mix?  A dream catcher?  Check, check, check.

There are all kinds of seasonal goods, too -- shelves full of stuffed toy bunnies at Easter, rockin' Santas at Christmas, etc.

It's super colorful, just like Cherokee Street itself.  Most of the signs announcing sales are hand-written on construction paper and -- at this particular point in time, when we're all eThis and iThat, I just find that so charming.

Several months ago the folks at Globe Drugs were kind enough to let me come in their store and take some photos.  It took a little bit of nerve for me to screw up the courage to ask to do it, and they could not have been nicer about it.  I tried to come at an off-peak time, so I wouldn't get in the way, so most of the photos I shot do not feature people, although Globe does a brisk business.

Also, because I have a bit of a fixation on (to paraphrase my artist's statement) things that are rarely seen or are disappearing, my eye was particularly drawn to those elements of the store that have a yesteryear sort of feel.  Signs that just look so fantastic and so then.  I'm so glad that Globe has preserved these fixtures* -- it's trite to say they don't make them like they used to but it's trite and true.

Also also, it has been noted by others in the past that my photos often have a vintage feel.  That's intentional, in some cases, and in some cases that's just how things turned out, given lighting, etc.  With these photos I have emphasized the vintage color palette -- with some washed-out colors, black and whites, etc.  I want to assure you that much like Kansas is in color -- not black and white, as The Wizard of Oz would have you believe -- in person, Globe Drugs is vibrant and bright.  Go take a look!

On Tuesday I finished hanging the last show of my Urban Eats rotation, called (deep breath) "Upstairs, Downstairs, Inside and Out:  A Visit to Globe Drugs". This is I think the first time that I've really set out to do a cohesive project like this, and I've got a few butterflies in my tummy about it.  I hope I did the place justice.

The show will be up throughout the month of June.  The come-see-the-artist event for it is Saturday, June 19, from 4:30 - 7:30 p.m.  Urban Eats will have food and drink for sale.  Please come see me!

*and some fixtures of other places that used to occupy the same building, like a 905 liquor store and a bowling alley!


  1. Is there any way the rest of us can see some of these?

  2. I'll see see what I can do about that. I'll let you know what I come up with, little lady.

  3. I think I tried to PM you a linky but I don't always do things as they should be done, so let me know if it didn't come through.

  4. I have just learned of your page, but I've been a Globe Drugs fan for 50 years. I moved away from StL and only get back there once in a while. When I do, I'm at the South Broadway. I recall being at the Cherokee Stores, so I'm in hopes that I can persuade you to show these photos to us again? Please!

    1. Hello!

      Some more of the photos are on my Flickr account, here.

      The Globe variety store on Cherokee had closed some years before I took these photos, these are from the store that was a few blocks east of that one.

      Thanks for your interest!