Sunday, August 30, 2009

Buy REALLY local

The other night my awesome neighbor Maggie brought me a sample of these delicious chocolate cherry tomatoes from her family's garden. So.good. I had to place an order for more today as I ate up my sample real quick-like.

I like to buy local produce in season when I can, but I am not always so good at getting out to the farmers' markets and don't love going to the grocery store, so I don't manage to do this as much as I should in the summer.

So, yay yay yay for local being grown-across-the-street local. Right here in Gravois Park!

I am not quite up-to-date on photos from my recent activities, but these were so lovely and delicious I had to sing their praises right away.

If you want to buy your very own amazing tomatoes, visit the Cade family's web site to learn more.

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